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Accelerating Training

Following a thorough evaluation and selection procedure, ESFRI proudly announced on 30 June 2021 that EuPRAXIA will now be included in its strategic roadmap of priority research infrastructures. 

This game-changing facility shall produce versatile beams for a range of applications at lower costs and smaller footprint than what can be achieved with more conventional radiofrequency accelerators.


This offers exciting prospects for a cutting edge research, technology innovations and a unique training program for a cohort of 12 Fellows, based at EuPRAXIA partner organizations. 10 of these are funded by the Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Network funds, and a further 2 by the UKRI guarantee fund.

The network’s training program is designed to address a wide range of employment skills with the aim to provide all Fellows with the competences required for their future researcher careers in both, academia and industry.

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