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Andrés Leiva Genre

THz-driven Dielectric Accelerators

Institute: University of Pécs
Supervisor: Turnár Szabolcs, Almási Gábor 

Andrés is an Argentinian applied physicist. He studied at the National University of Córdoba (UNC), where he became interested in Medical Physics. His bachelor’s thesis was "Online Dosimetry by Electron-positron Annihilation Detection using Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeting." His interest in nuclear medicine prompted him to enroll in the ERASMUS MUNDUS Joint Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics. In this international program, he studied at several European Universities, namely, the University of Seville, the University of Catania, and the University of Caen Normandy, located in Spain, Italy, and France, respectively. 

During his Master's Degree, he learned about novel concepts in accelerator physics and became passionate about it. In the last semester, he worked on "Modeling of Tapered Co-propagating Structures for Dielectric Laser-driven Accelerators." in collaboration with the Italian research institute INFN. Nowadays, he is carrying out research activities at the University of Pécs and the High-field Terahertz Research Group on THz-based Dielectric Laser-driven Accelerators.  

In his free time, Andrés balances his activities between training, meeting with friends, dancing Tango, and traveling. He likes engaging in different physical activities like Hiking or combat sports. On the other hand, he never misses the chance to play chess with other players. Andrés is very open to talking, learning, and discussing any topic. He likes to spend high-quality time in any social meeting. He considers making people smile and laugh very important. For Andrés, experience teaches life, and travel is a part of education.

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