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Training. Education. Administration. Management.

The Project T.E.A.M. (Training, Education, Administration, Management) based at the Cockcroft Institute is very experienced in the coordination and management of large international projects. Since 2008 it has been in charge of more than 30M€ of research funding, collaborating with over 100 institutions from 30 different countries.​


The T.E.A.M. is responsible for project management, monitoring, communication, and organization of events for the many projects led or participated by the University of Liverpool. In EuPRAXIA-DN it is working closely with administrative colleagues at INFN-LNF from where the network is coordinated.


It has organized several outreach events, international schools, workshops, conferences and symposia. A novel ‘complementary skills training’ concept, developed within the training networks, has been recognized by the European Commission as ‘best practice’ for providing future generations of scientists and engineers with relevant skills.


Research results of the various projects are disseminated via scientific journals, project websites, quarterly newsletters, brochures, leaflets, as well as social media. The T.E.A.M. also regularly presents their work via a dedicated industry and at international events.


In addition, the Project T.E.A.M. has organized several EU project administration training days for institutions across Europe in the past and are recognized for their work internationally.  

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