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The EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network offers 12 high-level Fellowships 

Each student will benefit from a wide-ranging training between universities, research centers and industry that will take advantage of both local and network-wide activities.


Excellent salaries will be offered. Fellows will benefit from the following MSCA allowances: 

  • Monthly living allowance: 3,400 €/month. This is adjusted through the application of a country correction coefficient to the living allowance of the country in which the researcher is recruited and includes all compulsory deductions under national legislation, including any employer contributions. The country correction coefficients are listed in Table 1 of the MSCA Work Programme 

  • Monthly mobility allowance: 600 €/month 

  • Monthly family allowance, if applicable and depending on the family situation: 660 €/month. 

Application deadline:

30th September 2023

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