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Work Packages within EuPRAXIA-DN

The EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network capitalizes on the existing EuPRAXIA consortium and will address some of the key challenges of this cutting-edge research facility across three scientific Work Packages (WP).


Combined with Management (WP1), as well as Training (WP5) and Communication & Outreach (WP6), this leads to the following structure:

WP1: Management

Overall management and coordination of EuPRAXIA-DN. Ensuring that all reports and deliverables are submitted before respective deadlines and establishing close communication between partners, in terms of scientific collaboration and administrative running of the network.

WP3: Facility Design & Optimization

Studying advanced beam diagnostics methods to fully characterize the beams in EuPRAXIA, along new accelerating technologies that enable high-gradient acceleration and hence more compact schemes.

WP5: Training

EuPRAXIA-DN provides an ideal framework for researcher training as its research program requires inter-disciplinary expert knowledge in a number of different fields ranging from plasma and laser physics to material sciences, optics, computer simulation, IT and High-Performance Computing.

WP2: Laser & Plasma

Combining laser shaping and characterization with cutting edge research into plasma formation.

WP4: Applications

Studying next-generation compact light sources, medical applications and micro accelerators, driven by THz radiation.

WP6: Communication & Outreach

EuPRAXIA-DN uses a structured communication plan that specifies what audiences shall be reached and when, with what messages and how they can be reached. It is based on the successful communication strategy that the University of Liverpool established as part of other large scale projects.

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