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Development of Integrated Diagnostics for Plasma Accelerators

Institute: CIVIDEC
Supervisor: Erich Griesmayer

Divya is from Jhajjar, India. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Physics (2017) from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. She worked on "Design optimization of an electromagnetic calorimeter using Geant4 simulation” for her master's thesis.

After her master's studies, she did a notable internship at CERN as a summer student. Her project primarily focused on testing prototypes of a novel radiator for LHCb-RICH. During this internship, she contributed to the hardware preparations of the testbench setup and conducted intensive measurements to detect Cherenkov radiation.

She was awarded a scholarship from the European Scientific Institute, France, to attend the European School of Instrumentation in Particle Physics (ESIPAP-2018). There she attended lectures and laboratory sessions focusing on detector applications and offline computing. Divya also worked on a project entitled "A simulation study of a high-resolution brain PET for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease” at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Barcelona."


In September 2023, Divya joined CIVIDEC as an EuPRAXIA-DN Fellow. Divya's research endeavours within the EuPRAXIA-DN program are focused on the development of a new sensor as a reliable tool for facility monitoring and machine optimization. A prototype diagnostic system based on diamond detectors will be designed, which will subsequently integrated into a laser-driven facility. The experimental work will be executed in close collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), and it includes beam tests to be conducted at prominent research facilities such as CERN and DRACO, Dresden.

During her off hours, Divya enjoys herb gardening and practising yoga. She is a trained yoga instructor.

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