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Farhana Thesni Mada Parambil

Laser-driven Proton Beam Therapy

Institute: University of Liverpool
Supervisor: Carsten P. Welsch

Farhana, a native of Kerala, India, attained her master's degree in Radiation Physics from the University of Calicut in 2023. Her master's thesis, titled 'Impact of nuclear reactions on proton therapy dose distribution,' reflects her in-depth exploration into nuclear reaction calculation models, the utilization of a simulation toolkit based on C++ programming, and familiarity in data analysis tools. As a testament to her academic dedication, she complemented her studies with a one-year internship at a cancer center in Kerala during her master's program.


During her academic journey, Farhana actively participated in national conferences, where she not only showcased her expertise but also presented the findings of her master's thesis.


In her current role within EUPRAXIA-DN, Farhana's research is centered on the concepts of using a laser to drive the creation of a large flux of protons or light ions which are captured and formed into a beam by strong-focusing plasma lenses. A laser-driven source allows protons and ions to be captured at energies significantly above those that pertain in conventional facilities, thus evading the current space-charge limit on the instantaneous dose rate that can be delivered. Beam physics and plasma simulation studies that target minimizing the beam’s divergence, energy spread, and provide stable intensity pulse-to-pulse. Moreover, the project will explore the use of gas jet technology for characterizing charged particle beams.


Beyond her academic pursuits, Farhana finds solace in creative expressions during her free time. She likes to Write poems, read books, and listen to soft music.

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