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Mihail Miceski

Laser-driven Undulator Coherent Radiation Source

Institute: ELI-ERIC
Supervisor: Alexandr Jančárek, Alexander Molodozhentsev 

Hailing from North Macedonia, Mihail is a dynamic scholar with a passion for exploring the intricacies of accelerator physics. Having a remarkable academic journey, he obtained a unique perspective on the field during his Erasmus Mundus LASCALA master's program, specializing in the Accelerator Physics track. This educational adventure took him to spent two semesters at University of Paris-Saclay and one semester at Sapienza University of Rome. Notably, he further broadened his horizons as a Research Intern at CEA-Saclay, dedicating six months to a collimation project for upgrade of the synchrotron SOLEIL writing a master's thesis on a topic "Beam Loss Simulations due to Toushek effect"
and graduating on 30 August 2023.

With boundless enthusiasm, he is thrilled to be part of EuPRAXIA-DN, fully energized to embark on research involving the investigation of a plasma source and the development of an active plasma lens.

He is a strong work-life balance supporter. He enjoys engaging in physical activities such as callisthenics and swimming, alongside a deep passion for modern dance, painting, and photography. For him, fostering a social life takes precedence, as he loves connecting with people and partaking in lively gatherings and parties.

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