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Romain Demitra

Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Plasma Formation in Capillary Discharge Waveguides for Plasma-based Accelerators

Institute: INFN-LNF
Supervisors: Angelo Biagioni and Riccardo Pompili

Romain is from Marseille, France. He studied at Paris-Saclay University where he graduated in 2021 from master GI-PLATO (Large scale instruments - Plasma Laser Accelerator and Tokamaks).

He first studied laser/plasma wakefield acceleration at LPGP, studying intense beam interaction and transport in plasmas during the first year of master. The year after he decided to work on microwave plasma combined with metamaterial in order to create a material with negative refractive index.

After graduation, he worked one year as an engineer physicist in the resistive magnet industry but the desire to do research in plasma accelerator physics was too strong.

With EUPRAXIA-DN, Romain will make theoretical and experimental studies into plasma plume formation and their effects on the beam.

In his free time Romain enjoys climbing, watching Formula 1 and going outside for a drink or nice dinner.

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