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Alex Whitehead

Study of laser-plasma Interaction in a high repetition rate regime

Institute: ELI-ERIC
Supervisor: Alexandr Jančárek, Tyler Green and Alexander Molodozhentsev

Alex is from Finland, and France where he grew up. He studied at the University Paris-Saclay in the south of Paris in France. Where he graduated in 2022 from a master in Large Facilities specialised in plasmas, lasers, accelerators, and Tokamaks. The title of his master’s thesis was “Charge measurement tests of accelerated electron sources by laser-plasma interaction”, where he performed charge measurements using a Turbo-ICT during different experiments.


He will start his PhD at ELI-ERIC and study at CVUT. His research project will be on the study of laser-plasma Interaction in a high repetition rate regime. His project will be divided in developing diagnostics on a high-power repetition rate OPCPA laser system and producing a set-up of controllable and repeatable plasma channel in the high repetition rate regime.

In his free time, Alex likes sports in particular football, also having dinners with his family and friends. And when he has some time off, he loves travelling to discover new cities and countries.   

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