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Study of laser-plasma interaction in a preformed plasma channel in a high repetition rate regime - position filled


High repetition rate of a ‘multi-100TW-class’ laser is required to make a laser-driven free-electron laser attractive for worldwide users. Such laser system is under development currently at ELI ERIC. This laser will be used as a part of the setup, which aims to provide a coherent extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) undulator photon radiation for the worldwide user community, utilizing both self-amplified spontaneous emission and seeded free-electron laser regimes. In order to reach this goal, a high-quality electron beam has to be obtained from a compact laser-plasma-accelerator (LPA) with an unprecedented stability and reproducibility.    


Capillary discharges are used in laser plasma accelerators for providing the plasma medium that both forms the wake-field and guides the laser beam. The Fellow will perform experimental study of wave-guiding mechanisms in a preformed plasma channel in the case of the high-repetition rate operation in order to get the high-quality high-energy electron beam suitable for the LPA-based free electron laser (FEL). A dedicated laser-plasma diagnostics will be developed by the Fellow in order to reach an optimum guiding in combination with the laser-plasma acceleration of the electron beam.

In addition, the Fellow will contribute to an upgrade of the laser beam transport system and the laser beam diagnostics to deliver a controllable laser beam with parameters required for acceleration of the high-quality electron beam with the energy up to 1 GeV. The challenges in the laser handing and optimization of the laser-plasma interaction in the preformed plasma channel will be shared with other Fellows in frame of the ‘Laser-Plasma” work package.   

The experimental activity will be carried out at ELI ERIC in cooperation with other partners in this work-package, as well as with experts from Czech Technical University.

The Fellow will work closely with INFN and other EuPRAXIA consortium members on the optimization of the laser and plasma parameters at the interaction point. A secondment to FOTON will contribute important insight into high voltage circuit design of the electrical discharge setup. The Fellow will have access to the wide-ranging EuPRAXIA training program which will include several international schools and workshops on plasma accelerator science and technology, as well as complimentary skills.

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