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EuPRAXIA-DN Project launches Brochure at IPAC24

The EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network's (DN) communication and public relations team has just released a comprehensive brochure highlighting the project's aims and activities, network Fellows, and partners.

Screenshots of the brochure.
The brochure highlights the project's aims and activities, network Fellows, and partners.


The brochure offers a detailed overview of the EuPRAXIA-DN research objectives and the extensive network-wide training it provides. Each scientific work package is described in detail, explaining the targeted R&D and showcasing the respective Fellows.


Scheduled for distribution at prominent scientific conferences and workshops, the brochure aims to raise awareness within the broader scientific community about the groundbreaking research being conducted by the EuPRAXIA-DN Fellows. It has been designed to appeal to a very broad audience, its main target being policy makers, scientific and user communities, and European industry.


The brochure will first be distributed during the 15th  International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC24) in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) in May 2024. Being the world's largest conference on particle accelerator science and technology, IPAC24 will provide an ideal platform to disseminate the brochure to a global audience. The University of Liverpool, as the network's communication lead, will host an industry booth at the conference, fostering discussions and facilitating connections between the network's activities and the global accelerator community.

Download the brochure here:


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