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Laser-driven Undulator Coherent Radiation Source - position filled


Development of a next generation of coherent light sources based on laser-plasma accelerators (LPA) is one of the goal of EuPRAXIA. GeV-level LPA electron beams, obtained experimentally by many teams around the world, can be considered as a potential drivers for a free-electron laser (FEL) to develop a compact LPA-based FEL delivering coherent, high-peak brightness beams of electromagnetic radiations for many applications. The Project is aiming to optimize electron beam parameters for the FEL application from a laser-plasma interaction area up to an undulator line, including a dedicated electron beam line. The FEL regime requires preservation of the high-quality of the LPA electron beam by using a combination of advanced all-optical and conventional electromagnetic systems.

The Fellow will study a parameter space of the laser-plasma acceleration and the advanced electron beam transport in order to get the deliver the high-quality electron beam to the undulator line. The Fellow will model the FEL dynamics for both self-amplified spontaneous emission and seeded cases in order to reach saturation of the photon beam energy for soft and hard X-ray cases.

The Fellow will contribute to an upgrade of the existing experimental technology at ELI ERIC, including the diagnostics of the electron and photon beams, as well as an external seeding using a high-harmonic generation (HHG) signal, in collaboration with Fellows from the “Laser-Plasma” and “Applications” work packages. The challenges in the diagnostics and manipulations with the electron beam parameters in the 6D phase-space, required for the LPA-based FEL, will be shared with other Fellows in the frame of the EuPRAXIA-DN work packages.

The experimental activity will be carried out at ELI ERIC in cooperation with other partners in these work-packages.

The Fellow will work closely with INFN and other EuPRAXIA consortium members on the overall design optimization. The Fellow will have access to the wide-ranging EuPRAXIA training program which will include several international schools and workshops on plasma accelerator science and technology, as well as complimentary skills.  

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