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Instrumentation  Technologies

Instrumentation Technologies is an experienced high-tech company founded in 1998 in Solkan, Slovenia. Today it is one of the world's leading providers of instrumentation used for high-speed signal acquisition and processing. Their Its devices are used in the field of particle accelerators, in the proton therapy medical applications, and in industries such as aerospace, transportation, and energy.

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The LIBERA brand identifies the solutions, products and services provided in the accelerator field, where they are used for measuring critical beam parameters (bBeam pPosition and Pphase, Bbeam Ccurrent and Beam Llosses) and for generating, distributing, and controlling the RF field inside of the accelerating structures of the machine. Some of the measured parameters are also used in feedback loops to optimize the machine’s performance. Today, LIBERA electronics are a reference standard in the field, and are considered state-of-the-art in many applications.


Many of the solutions which are today offered by the company are the result of collaboration projects with institutes and laboratories worldwide.

The Instrumentation Technologies team continues working with passion to create products and services that set new standards and exceed the boundaries of existing practices.

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