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Consorzio di Ricerca HYPATIA

Hypatia is a research consortium whose main objectives are the promotion, development and enhancement of the scientific, technological and human resources of the territory. The "Hypatia" project was born from the collaboration between researchers from universities, research institutes and companies to initiate and promote research projects aimed at sustainable development.


The strength of the Hypatia project lies precisely in creating shared spaces in which research institutions, university departments and companies work to find common interests and synergies, promoting technology transfer as a concrete method of growth by fostering collaboration between the scientific world and the industrial world.

The consortium is made up of companies specialized in the construction of equipment for the production of energy from renewable sources, precision mechanics, power and microwave electronics, energy storage systems and more.

Hypatia carries out an interdisciplinary practice of research in materials science, through the development of prototypes in order to explore and demonstrate their functional properties, applications and technological perspectiv

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