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FOTON s.r.o.

FOTON is a Czech company specializing in designing and manufacturing of advanced scientific instrumentation. Its activities include high voltage supplies, special electronics systems, optoelectronics, micro positioning automation, plasma diagnostics, vacuum control technology and instrumental engineering. 


FOTON specializes on highly customized scientific instrumentation. Its products have been used in many prestigious scientific and technical projects, e.g. vacuum control technology for high-power laser labs (PALS & ELI, Prague; IST, Lisbon) and particle accelerators (nuclotron, JINR, Dubna), high voltage supplies for nuclear technology (NRI Rez; NRI, Kiev), as well as the high temperature plasma diagnostic instrumentation (tokamaks, stellarators, accelerators).

During its 15 year‘s existence FOTON designed and manufactured more than 140 innovative product prototypes for its customers, mainly special power supplies and vacuum controllers. High reliability, state-of-the-art design, long-time experience in scientific applications and a professional approach guarantee high quality of all products and an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction.

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