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Development of Integrated Diagnostics for Plasma Accelerators - position filled


This project aims at better understanding the challenging beams produced in cutting-edge research facilities. Specifically, the performance and optimum integration of diamond detectors will be studied in close collaboration with universities and research institutions across EuPRAXIA-DN. A focus will be put on the development of high temperature detectors that can operate at temperatures of up to 500°C.

The Fellow will investigate the analogue and digital electronics required for enabling digital data readout in real-time, along studies into the performance of diamond detectors in high temperature environments. Work will also include studies into the efficient integration of these detectors into the accelerator diagnostics and control system. The goal will be to establish this new sensor as a reliable tool for facility monitoring and machine optimization. Studies will include the development of an Epics-based control system. Experiments will be carried out at INFN, in cooperation with other partners in this WP.

The Fellow will also have access to the wide-ranging EuPRAXIA-DN training program which will include several international schools and workshops on plasma accelerator science and technology, as well as complementary skills.

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