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Alexander Molodozhentsev


Dr Alexander Molodozhentsev holds a PhD in Physics and Mathematics and has a background in beam dynamics in high-intensity accelerators and collective effects and commissioning of accelerator complex.


He is currently a Team Leader at the ELI-Beamlines facility (part of ELI-ERIC) in the Czech Republic. Prior to joining ELI-Beamlines, Dr Molodozhentsev was an Associate Professor at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan where he contributed to the development and commission of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) accelerator facility. His other previous works include the Novel Methods of Collective Accelerations, Compact proton synchrotron-based accelerator complex, Tesla-Test-Facility at DESY, PMRC-Hardon Therapy Centre and High Luminosity LHC at CERN. His main current interests lie in compact laser-plasma accelerator for a new generation on PA-based free election lasers

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