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Development and Validation of an X-band Low Level Radio Frequency prototype for EuPRAXIA - position filled

(Instrumentation Technologies)

Low level radiofrequency (LLRF) systems are crucial for providing the required synchronization of RF stations and maintaining the required machine stability down to fs-level. Unfortunately, there are no industrial solutions for an X-band LLRF system, especially for what concerns the ability of processing and controlling pulses in the few 100 ns range. Current X-band LLRF prototypes, based on frequency conversion extensions from S-band , do not provide the necessary temperature stability nor the ability to control such short RF pulses. A new LLRF system needs to be therefore developed


The Fellow will develop a prototype for an X-band LLRF system, tailored to address the challenging requirements of  the EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB application. Once system specifications have been confirmed on a testbench, a prototype will be used as a starting point for the development of a commercial instrument. The project will address the definition of the X-band LLRF concept, the selection of optimum components, design of prototypes, and their validation by means of laboratory measurement and verification at INFN. A particular challenge will be meeting the demanding stability requirements within a broader bandwidth defined by shorter RF pulses, as well as schemes to compensate for any temperature variations which are more critical at higher frequencies. The Fellow will be expected to work closely with the one based at INFN throughout the network duration with frequent exchanges between sites.


Furthermore, the Fellow will have access to the wide-ranging EuPRAXIA-DN training program which will include several international schools and workshops on plasma accelerator science and technology, as well as complementary skills.

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